Overcoming Underearning

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Main Library
Conference Room B

Event Details

This seminar is part of a weekly workshop which began on September 14.

Do you work hard but still don’t have enough money? Do you underestimate your worth and have poor money management skills? Attend this 9-week workshop and learn what is holding you back, build your confidence, get a better job or ask for a raise, and become a better money manager. The workshop is based on Barbara Stanny’s book “Overcoming Underearning”. It is not a get-rich-quick tutorial, but a 5-step-plan to a richer life based on honest self-analysis and building money management skills.

Registration is required. Please call the Career Center at (225) 231-3733 for details.

Event Type(s): Business/ Careers/ Jobs