De-Cluttering: Is Mind over Matter with Sarah Cooper

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Main Library
Large meeting room

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Local designer and personal organizer Sarah Cooper offers her insights for living in a clutter-free life in this uniquely informative power point presentation, that begins with "Why we clutter?" and "What's so hard about getting organized?"  From her design experience, helping people downsize, up-size or simply remodel and repurpose space, Ms. Cooper quickly learned that good decisions can't be made about the amount and kinds of space people need until they have dealt with accumulated clutter.  In other words, until we eliminate things we don't need and properly organize the things we do, it's hard to know how to get the best use of your personal space at home or in the office.  But more than anything, clutter is a health and productivity issue too.  Studies have not only shown significant cortisol (i.e. stress hormone) spikes when some people are confronted with clutter, for all of us clutter represents at the very least, wasted recourses and wasted space.  This timely program starts with how we become indoctrinated from childhood toward accumulating things- even things we know we don't need- and the reasons why it is so difficult for many people to simply let go of "stuff".  From the psychological to the practical Sarah Cooper shares her experience helping others break down the barriers to effective organizing as well as introducing participants to effective strategies for becoming a "clutter-buster".  If you want "Tools you an Use" to better organize your home or work spaces don't miss this interesting and engaging workshop!

Event Type(s): Special Events