Calmness Now!

3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Greenwell Springs Regional
Meeting Room #2

Event Details

Calmness Now!  Take a minute, take a hour, out of your life and slow down.  We'll provide up to 8 yoga mats, a sound machine, and 1.5 hours of uninterrupted adult quiet time. (Bring your own mat in case we run out).  What else?  You'll bring the calm.  A calmness so loud that even your troubles will say, "That's too loud, I'm going to calm down."  Will they?  Who knows.  Maybe you don't even have troubles.  Maybe you just like feeling calm.   The important thing is that you'll feel calm.    This is a judgment free session of pure calmness turned up to 11, with the 11 polished by a gentle breeze of calm.  Before and after each session we can help participants find books and electronic resources on living a calmer, healthier life through cultivated calmness, self-care,  and mindful interactions with yourself and the world.  For more information call us at 274-4480 or email us at
Event Type(s): Health/ Science
(225) 274-4480